Packing Hints (Winter)

Clothing:  Different sessions of NSO require different types of clothing.

  • Commissioning Ceremony and Banquet: You are encouraged to bring one set of dressy/nice attire for the commissioning and banquet.
    • Men: Coat and/or tie are NOT required, but please wear a collared shirt and nice pants.
    • Women: Please wear nice slacks, skirt, or a dress.

  • Business casual: For our visit at the Cru Worldwide Headquarters. Business casual includes: khakis/dress slacks and collared shirts for men, and slacks or modest skirts and dresses for women. Shorts, jeans and printed t-shirts are inappropriate.
  • Classroom casual: Shorts, jeans, and t-shirts are fine during your IBS classes, NSO sessions, and MPD training.
  • Swimwear: The El Caribe has a heated pool and is right on the beach, so feel free to bring modest swimwear and a beach towel.
  • Warm clothing: Surprisingly, it does get chilly in Florida in the winter.  Please bring a jacket and other warm clothing items.  You’ll probably also need an umbrella.

Other items to pack:

  • Extra luggage or packing space to take home MPD and IBS materials you will receive onsite.
  • Bible, pen, paper
  • Money for food, tips (don’t forget the hotel maid – we recommend $1 per person per day), laundry, entertainment
  • MPD materials, including address book, church directory, etc.
  • Laptop computer. Most of your coursework will be done electronically that will include projects to print out. There will be a computer lab with printing capabilities and with a limited number of computers for use.
  • Hangers
  • Personal toiletries
  • Things for cooking (see Location page for what the hotel provides)
  • If you are a photographer, please bring your camera so you can capture and post all that the Lord is doing at NSO.

Items for those participating in the MPD Faith and Finances Conference:

  • Questions about contributions from ministry partners
  • Questions about reimbursements
  • Laptop for MPD (if applicable)
  • Anything you use during a personal MPD appointment
  • Phone scripts if you use them when calling for an appointment or a decision
  • Personal budget on paper or on your computer if you have one

If you have any questions, please email us at