Packing Hints (Spring)


Different sessions of NSO require different types of clothing:

  • Commissioning Ceremony and Banquet: You are encouraged to bring one set of dressy/nice attire for the commissioning and banquet.
    • Men: Coat and/or tie are NOT required, but please wear a collared shirt and nice pants.
    • Women: Please wear nice slacks, skirt, or a dress.

  • Business casual: For our visit at the Cru Worldwide Headquarters. Business casual includes: khakis/dress slacks and collared shirts for men, and slacks or modest skirts and dresses for women. Jeans, shorts and printed t-shirts are inappropriate.
  • Classroom casual: Jeans, shorts and printed t-shirts are fine during all other sessions.


Optional for Hotel:

  • Swimwear: The hotel has a pool and whirlpool spa, so feel free to bring modest swimwear.
  • Athletic Wear: The hotel has a lighted tennis/sports court and Fitness Center.


Other items to pack:

  • Extra luggage or packing space to take home MPD materials you will receive onsite
  • Bible, pen, paper/notebook
  • Money for food, tips (including the hotel maid; we recommend $1 per person per day), laundry, entertainment
  • MPD materials, including address book, church directory, etc.
  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Hangers
  • Personal toiletries
  • Things for cooking (see Location page for what the hotel provides)
  • Umbrella, rain gear
  • Camera (If you are a photographer, please bring your camera to capture and post all that the Lord is doing at NSO.)
  • Two forms of ID (if needed for hiring forms)

Employment and Payroll Documents:

Upon arrival to NSO, you must have with you the original documents needed to complete your I-9 and Direct Deposit forms. You should receive an email with the needed information.

NOTE: This only applies to those who are new hires.

International Interns (formerly STINTers) and others who are currently receiving a paycheck from Cru do NOT need the complete set of documents listed below.

To be employed by Cru (and to complete an I-9 form), you need proof of your citizenship/residency and must bring:

  • A current passport OR
  • A current driver’s license and a certified copy of your birth certificate OR
  • A current driver’s license and your social security card.
  • NOTE: You need to bring original documents (not just copies).

You will also need documents to authorize Direct Deposit for your payroll. You must bring:

  • A voided check OR
  • A printed-out photo of a check OR
  • A bank authorization form for direct deposit. (A bank authorization form can be printed out from your online banking or from a bank branch. The account number and routing needs to be printed – not handwritten – on the form).
  • NOTE: Deposit slips are not valid since the tracking number on it may not be sufficient.

If you don’t have these available when you arrive, it is possible your first paycheck and/or reimbursement could be delayed (for those who are not currently hired by Cru).


If you have any questions, please email us at