MPD (Summer)

Ministry Partner Development
A privilege you have as a Cru staff member is to mobilize ministry partners to pray and give for your ministry. A portion of New Staff Orientation (NSO) is devoted to train you biblically and in the skills you need to successfully raise your funding; this is what we call Ministry Partner Development (MPD).

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

Engaged Couples
If you are new staff and engaged to someone who’s already on staff, the following guidelines determine if and when your fiancé(e) needs to attend the MPD training:

  • If the wedding date is within one month after the end of NSO, the senior staff member must attend MPD training with his/her fiancé(e).
  • If the wedding date is within 5-to-11 weeks from the end of NSO, the decision about the senior staff member attending the MPD training will be handled on a case-by-case basis in consultation with Dave Dickens and the staff couples’ LD/HR leadership.
  • If the wedding date is 12 weeks after the end of NSO, the senior staff member will not be required to attend MPD training with his/her fiancé(e). Shortly before or after the wedding, the support coach will help them prepare their MPD presentation as a couple.

Missing Portions of MPD
Due to the critical nature of MPD Training, no one will be excused from any portion of MPD training, including the Saturday session.

Your MPD Coach
Within two weeks after your acceptance to staff, you should receive a call from your MPD coach. If your coach has not called you within those two weeks, please contact Dave Dickens (

Pre-NSO MPD Assignments
Prior to your arrival and to prepare for the MPD training, you must fully complete the Pre-NSO MPD Assignments. Upon acceptance to Cru, you received an email with a link to these assignments available via MyCru. If you have not received an email with the link to your MPD assignments, contact our Sending and Recruiting Team at

One of the Pre-NSO MPD Assignments is to raise the funds needed for your NSO expenses. The assignment will walk you through how we want you to raise support for the training.

Even if you have received some MPD training, we do not want you to raise monthly support prior to NSO; please only focus on raising special gifts for NSO. This also applies to interns and STINTers who are joining staff.

After completing the NSO MPD, you may begin to raise your monthly support. Remember, this is for your benefit!

Donation Checks
Following are some important details for processing donation checks properly:

  • Be sure that each donation check is made payable to “Cru”.
  • Your name should not be on the check, but your staff account number can be added on the memo line of each check.
  • Mail checks directly to Donation Services (Cru, P.O. Box 628222, Orlando, FL  32862-8222) along with a note that includes your name and staff account number.
  • After processing donations, Cru will send a receipt to your ministry partner (for income tax purposes).
  • Keep track of your support (names, addresses, phone numbers, amounts) as it is developed and promptly send thank-you notes to ministry partners.

Vacation Policy for NSO (for all New Staff and Senior Staff married to New Staff)
New Staff and Senior Staff who are married to New Staff are not eligible for vacation during their initial MPD. The initial MPD starts with the conclusion of NSO and ends when the staff member has raised 100 percent of his/her support (monthly and special gifts). This policy applies even to any vacations that parents or others may have planned that include the new staff member.

If you have any questions, please email us at