MPD Refresh Retreat (Summer)

NSO MPD prepares you not only for your journey to trust God to raise your support, but lays the MPD foundation you need to remain fully funded in the years to come. However, there is an adage that applies to any learning process, “Once learned, not always learned.” No matter how good the initial training is, there needs to be a way to reinforce what we have learned. 

We have discovered over the years how important it is to gather new staff 8-10 weeks following NSO MPD for an additional time together. This is part two of your MPD training. It is called the MPD Refresh Retreat (MPDRR). 

MPDRR is specifically designed to meet three needs:

  • Refresh you with healthy community with other new staff who are on the same MPD quest. 
  • Refresh you with quality Bible teaching and time with the Lord. 
  • Refresh you with further development of your MPD skills.

Two weeks following your NSO MPD training, we will email you specific information about the retreat. Below are a few details so you can add this to your calendar.

When and Where:

There are two MPDRR locations options:
October 19-23 in Hillsdale, Michigan at Michindoh Conference Center
October 26-30 in Ridgecrest, North Carolina at Ridgecrest Conference Center 

Our prayer is that you will leave the MPDRR with renewed hope and courage as you continue on in your MPD journey.