Important Info (Summer)

This has been a time like no other to trust God in a deeper way with every aspect of life.  It’s also been a time to figure out how to serve and love others around us who are in need.  And we aren’t sure how long this season will last.  But our continued prayer is that we will all grow in our dependence and intimacy with the Lord in the time of waiting. 

Thank you for your patience as we evaluated this summer’s schedule. We have decided to have Summer New Staff Orientation in a virtual format. Rollins College canceled all on-campus programs through the first of September, so it made our decision rather easy. We’re designing our time together to be engaging and to fully prepare you for your life and journey with Cru.   

AIA new staff will have a virtual session in the afternoon on July 23. New Staff Orientation (NSO) will begin on July 24. The sessions end and you will be commissioned on August 1.

Online Registration
Registration is currently open and will close Friday, May 15, 2020.

Below is the link to register for New Staff Orientation:
IBS & New Staff Orientation | Summer 2020 Registration Link

If you have any questions, please email us (The Applicant Liaison Team) at

Facebook Group
The “IBS & NSO Summer 2020” Facebook Group is an essential tool for connecting with other New Staff members. This Facebook Group is a “Secret Group” to maximize privacy, so you must be invited to join. Please write to from the e-mail address associated with your Facebook Account. (Please use your address for all ministry correspondence; however, in this case, we need to invite you within the Facebook platform.)

Basic Schedule
For details about the dates and activities during NSO, see the Basic Schedule page.

Go to the Finances page for estimated costs and charges for the various components of NSO.

Employment and Payroll Documents
You will be receiving an email from someone on our Personnel Records Team. They will give you information on anything you might need to bring related to your hiring as an employee of Cru or for your transition from your current status with Cru to supported, full-time staff.

If both husband and wife are joining staff with Cru, it is important and strategic for both to attend and participate in all the sessions. There are no exceptions to this. Please block off your calendar completely for July 24 – August 1. (Plus the afternoon of July 23 for AIA staff.) We need you to be fully available all day and into the evening for NSO.

Cru values families and wants your family experience at NSO to be a blessing. Note to parents who are both supported staff members: we need both spouses present and engaged for all sessions of NSO. However, we are aware of the challenges that COVID-19 has created. If at all possible within the confines of your city’s shelter in place or social distancing orders, please try to arrange for childcare for your children.

If you would like to discuss the needs of your family or have any questions or concerns, please contact your Applicant Liaison.

New Staff Orientation can be a very time-intensive process. Be sure to give yourself grace, and know that we are here to serve you.

If you have any questions, please email us at