IBS (Winter-Virtual)

Your initial training with Cru includes two components:

  • New Staff Orientation (NSO)
  • Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS)

Following is an introduction to Cru’s theological training through the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) which was created to help reach theological development requirements.

Theological Development and our Mission
We use the Scriptures every day in ministry. Whether proclaiming the life-changing message of the gospel or helping ground people in the truth of God’s Word, the Scriptures inform all we do. The nature of the mission to which we have been called requires kingdom workers with a passion for God who are growing ever deeper in their ability to understand and apply His Word to their own lives and the lives of those to whom they minister.

Institute of Bible Studies Courses

One important foundation for your biblical and theological development are the eleven core courses offered through the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS).  These eleven courses are designed to equip you for a lifetime of ministry.  

IBS Core Courses

First Year  (NSO)

Second Year

Third Year

Intro to Christian Theology

Bible Study Methods

Introduction to Mission

God/Bible/Holy Spirit

Biblical Interpretation

Biblical Communication

Old Testament Survey



Christian World View

Church History

For more information about IBS courses, exemptions, graduate credit and more, go to ibs.cru.org.

 IBS Requirements
As a new missionary serving with Cru, you will complete three IBS courses before reporting to your initial ministry assignment:

  • Introduction to Mission
  • Bible Study Methods
  • Intro to Christian Theology

After you leave NSO, you will complete Intro to Mission online. You will then return to a later IBS to complete Bible Study Methods and Intro to Christian Theology in a live, two-week format. The chart below explains the schedule.

If you complete NSO in:You attend IBS:
JanuaryJune of same year
MayJanuary of the next year
JulyJanuary of the next year
SeptemberJanuary of the next year

Once you have completed these courses (and reported to your first assignment), you will be eligible to obtain a Minister’s Housing Allowance (MHA); this benefit can substantially reduce your taxes.

Introduction to Mission
The first IBS course you will complete is Introduction to Mission which is offered online. You will complete this course immediately following NSO while raising support. You will receive materials and instructions for this course at NSO. Additionally, you will receive a $150 rebate if you complete the Introduction to Mission course on time.

Exemption from an IBS Course
If you have previously taken theological courses, you may be exempt from some IBS courses. If you think you may be exempt from an IBS course, go to the IBS website and follow the steps outlined. You can also email the IBS Team (ibs.info@cru.org) to begin the request process. 

Note: Requests for course exemptions for NSO Winter must be made by December 29.