Finances (Fall)

Below are the estimated costs for New Staff Orientation (Fall 2020):

New Staff Orientation:
This is a 10-or-11-day training that includes Orientation to Cru, and Ministry Partner Development Training.

If you will only be attending New Staff Orientation, please be aware that you will need to take the required IBS courses (about 2.5 weeks) the next time they are offered. Keep in mind that this will necessitate travel to two conferences, which may result in a greater expense. For example, if you attend NSO in January, you would attend Summer IBS.

(1 in room)
(2 in room)
Couple Family
Housing $920 $460 $920 $1,220*
NSO Tuition $350 $350 $700 $700
IBS Tuition $300 $300 $600 $600
MPD Tuition $725 $725 $1,200** $1,200**
Food/Other (estimate) $250 $250 $417 $438
Estimated Subtotal: $2,545 $2,085 $3,837 $4,158
Administrative Charge*** $305 $250 $460 $499
Estimated Total: $2,850 $2,335 $4,297 $4,656
  + travel +travel + travel + travel

* Family Housing cost is for two adjoining rooms. If you would like one room, use the “Couple” cost for housing.

** A Senior Staff/New Staff couple will pay $875 for MPD Tuition. (This also applies to SOSA’s and their non-Cru spouses attending MPD.)

*** A 12 percent administrative charge is deducted by Cru from all support raised by a staff member. These funds are used for overseas expansion and to help fund the administrative services provided to staff by our World Headquarters. You will need to account for this when calculating how much support to raise.

NOTE: If you are also attending the Transitions Conference, be sure to read the Transitions Conference page for more details, including additional financial estimates.

Housing Costs:

  • Standard Room: $92 per night
  • Two Adjoining Rooms (available to families with children only, ideal for small families): $122 per night

If you have any questions, please email us at